Cost To Build A Website Like Airbnb

Cost To Build A Website Like Airbnb

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The real cost of building a website like airbnb (the way it is will cost you around 12,000 USD for iPhone and Android versions and 18,000 USD for Web and Mobile versions including iOS and Android

The cost you just read above is for developing a website completely similar to what Airbnb has now.

What Is The Difference?

The site you are visualizing i.e. airbnb now, has got an extensive number of features, technology, and tools applied to it. While the site you need as an startup will not be including those extensive feature due to the reason and fact that Airbnb now has over

The above stats are the reason why airbnb uses extensive frameworks, tools, and technologies

To your knowledge, it took 7 years for airbnb to reach this level of success, visitors, customers, users, hosts, and more.

If you are looking forward to building a complete site similar to Airbnb, and you have the required funding one needs to launch an extensive site like Airbnb across 190 Countries, it will cost you around 2 million USD
or may be more (we cannot calculate the exact cost as of now, for we need complete details and requirement to finalize an estimated cost as well as time period to complete a site like this).

What Will Be The Services And Technologies Included In The Above Estimate?

What Will Be The Services And Technologies Included In The Above Estimate?

The whole process of developing a website like Airbnb will include services such as:

  • Website user interface design (ui) & development
  • Website user experience (ux) design, care, and customizations
  • Back-end architecture design and development
  • Api development and integration
  • Database development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
Components Of Site Like Airbnb

Components Of Site Like Airbnb We Will Develop And Deliver:

  • Two sided market place i.E. Host/merchant and user/customer
  • Search
  • Recommendation engine
  • Authentication system
  • Notification system (email notification)
  • Reputation system

Technology Expertise

We use best-in-class tools, state-of-the-art technologies and modern approaches to scale up your business

Frond End (Client Side) Technology and Frameworks
Peripheral Technology
Back End (Server Side) Technology and Web Frameworks
Ruby on Rails
CSS Validator
Database Technology and Tools
Microsoft SQL Server
Project Management Tools
Pivotal Tracker

Launch Your Own Airbnb Like Application In 5 Weeks

On Which Technology Is Airbnb Built? Which Frameworks Does Airbnb Use?

According to Builtwith and Wappalyzer here’s the list of Frontend and Back-end frameworks, languages, and tools used in Airbnb:


Did You Know That Airbnb Was A Mere Simple Website Initially?

For your knowledge and for sake of motivating you, here’s a beautifully designed and crafted infographic explaining visually the journey of Airbnb towards becoming a 10 Billion USD Company:



Airbnb is built with Ruby on Rails web framework for Backend architecture and development, and uses versatile JavaScript frameworks such as BackboneJS, React, and more for frontend development.

  • Can You Develop An App Similar To Airbnb?

    Yes. We can develop an app similar to Airbnb for both iOS and Android OS. We are the leading mobile app Development Company with a simple yet awesome portfolio to show. Apps Developed by Us

    To help startups cope up with their budget, we also allow clients and startups to hire an app developer for their project at minimal average cost/wages.

  • Do You Wish To Have An Ios/Android App Like Airbnb? Want To Know The Cost Of An App Like Airbnb?

    App is necessity for business these days. You cannot expect to move forward into funding and growing your business with only a website; you need an app akin to your website to grow your business rapidly quick

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    So, you are all up and have made your mind to take the first step towards independence from the major vacation rental listing sites by deciding to create your very own website! Trust me, it’s a great wayto get started in the Holiday rental industry, but if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and if you wish to succeed in the vacation rental business you need to showcase what you have and you need to show it well.

    These days, it’s a big advantage to develop your own website like Airbnb. It gives you control and adds a degree of professionalism to your business. And before you wonder whom to contact or look around somewhere else, let me tell you that we can develop your own vacation rental website and make the process painless without the painkillers.

  • What Is Our Hiring Model And Policy?

    Hourly Hiring Model- You can hire an app or web developer on hourly basis from Bacancy Technology; working dedicatedly only for you. Working hours are limited to 8 hours per day.

    Weekly-If you want to invest weekly and want to spend in iterations instead of bulk, you can hire a developer on weekly basis. Working hours limited to 40 hours per week.

    Monthly- If you want hire an app or web developer for just a month, you can opt for this hiring model. Working hours limited to 160 hours per month. Billing will be done monthly.

    Hiring on Project Basis- If you wish to outsource your startup web development work, you can hire a dedicated developer from us on project basis. No hiring commitments, you can end the contract as soon as your work gets finished.

    We do sign nda to keep client’s intellectual property confidential and safe. We also allow our client’s to try us for free by taking three days risk free trial.