One of our Canada based client a peer to peer lending and alternative investment marketplace that provides an opportunity for investors to lend money into small and medium-size businesses. It was the first ever peer to peer business lending venture and currently operates in the UK, USA, Germany and the New Zealand.






Financial Services


Custom Sales & Service Cloud Solution


The client wanted to advance the existing underwriting process by implementing Salesforce Lightning console. Along with Salesforce Lightning experience, the client wanted to build a more user-friendly platform for the underwriting team. Implementing new features and functionality the client wanted to offer efficiencies and improvements for Underwriting loan offers. It should contain auto-generate documentation to speed up the loan offer management.


  • Bacancy Technology worked on the customization and configuration with the enhancements of existing Salesforce console in order to ease the underwriting offers.
  • To fulfill the business expectations, the client was required to upgrade the existing Salesforce process.
  • In addition to the above requirement, we integrated Conga Composer to generate files as well as documentation for Underwriters to assist funding circles.


  • We successfully deployed Salesforce cloud solution following the standard requirements.
  • The metrics suggest 60 hours per week time-saving on Underwritings.
  • The implementation and configurations performed by Bacancy Technology to match the requirements aligned with the agreed statement of work.