XPCRM is Customer Relationship Software. It covers a set of applications designed to help businesses manage several business processes like customer data, customer interaction, customer support, XPCRM allows you to send quotes from vendors, log purchases and work order information, and input receipt information.

Customer Relationship and Service


Global Search Feature

  • The project was not having the global and page searching feature and Client wanted to have thing feature.
  • The client wanted to use Thinking-sphinx gem, to implement a global search feature in the application and because this gem is outdated and not maintained by rails community and its less documentation makes it hard to implement initially but we have finally achieve this by making changes in the gem.

Core Features

  • Role Wise Permission
  • Two Factor Authorization
  • Calendar with Recurring event generation
  • Automatic email/text notification to customers of logged, scheduled, and completed work related to service request
  • Ability for residents/customers to directly enter their own requests
  • Grouping assets for scheduled maintenance
  • Integration with Geographic Information System ESRI software
  • Ability to create preventive maintenance schedules by asset and by route
  • Trigger work reminders based on asset condition, time since last inspection, and/or usage
  • Paypal invoice
  • Supervisors can assign/reschedule work in the field via smart device
  • Editing service requests or work orders after completion
  • Employees report work, equipment, and material use in the field via smart device
  • Prefer the ability to integrate with the department's GPS fleet-tracking system, Fleet Director, provided by Teletrac
  • Employees should be able to report work individually and by crew
  • Easily accessible reporting on time, materials, equipment, unit productivity, etc.
  • Track work
  • Provide cost and productivity information
  • Manage asset history

Technical Stack


  • erb
  • JavaScript


  • Ruby on Rails

PMS & Communication Tools

  • Skype
  • Gmail
  • Hangout


  • Dropbox
  • Apache
  • passenger
  • Redis Server
  • Sphinx server


  • Action Cable
  • Paypal
  • JStree
  • Mustache.js
  • Resource js
  • Resource Management js
  • Datatable

3rd party library

  • Font-awesome
  • jquery-ui
  • datatables.min
  • ui_select
  • datepicker
  • growl
  • swal
  • select2
  • jquery.mCustomScrollbar
  • stripe
  • aws s3 bucket
  • google_maps_service
  • ngrock


HTML Designer



Ruby on Rails Developer



Quality Analyst

Time Frame

This is an ongoing project from last 1.5 years.

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