The client is an Irish company that deals with the ticketing services for various event organizers. The client wanted to have an application through which the event organizers can download the file with barcodes of the ticket and can access and scan it through different platforms.

We were provided the challenge to develop a cloud-based application that can have an easy camera-scanning mode along with other scanning options such as Bluetooth and others. Also, the challenge was to create such an application that can get compatible with various operating systems such as Android and iOS.


We have been developing such ticketing apps for many clients and hence our team has a great experience in creating such a system. When we came across such a demand, we knew exactly we are supposed to do and hence we came up with an application that is quite cool and exactly as per the demand of the client.

Our team started working with React Native as we have been offering various such apps using this framework. The system not only allows us to create the application for cross-platform use but also it allows us to keep the budget low for such type of projects.

We integrated the system with an access control system of the customers so that not only the system is limited to scanning of the tickets but also various other functions. It allowed the user to check the statistics and other reports in order to maintain the system even when the rush is high during the event.


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Project Results

When the application was developed and the results came out, it is seen that the app is able to scan about 30 tickets in just one minute. Also, the application can function with some special features such as counting the number of people in a group.

The features of the application include scanning of the barcodes of the tickets, controlling access area or zone wise, scanning QR codes along with 2D barcodes, and scanning out along with scanning in function. Apart from this, there are some other special features too such as the application is ready for multiple events and can be used by multiple users. Altogether, an interesting system is developed with so many efficient functions.

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