Founder at Luxury Presence is MBA from Stanford University. He is supported by institution’s widely known start-up program ‘StartX’. He was seeking to hire technical people with blend of managerial skills. He was in need of complete DevOps setup to establish an IT infrastructure that meets demanding needs of real estate market.

After proper evaluation, team at our offshore software centre arranged meeting with external CTO for elaborate planning. As far as it wasn’t a single website or mobile app project, nearly 2 years of continuous development efforts were required. He has been agree to provide trending inputs related to real estate domain while we have signed contract to provide him with ‘raw talent’ who can convert ideas into real world solution.


After taking charge of the project, we sorted out individual software components to use – in the first place. Additionally, we selected the technology tools that help in decreasing overall loading speed.

To make digital environment of real estate interact better with 100s of legal entities, ReactJS and redux state management features are implemented. Built on MVP architecture, Luxury Presence is a highly scalable realty network allowing to grow the business. No feature is left from inclusion, it has everything

and much more.


API Integrations/Content collaboration

Database (RDBMS)



Backend Developers


UI/UX developers/designers


QA tester



Duration Man-days: 850

February 2016 to Present

Project Results

Our client, i.e. CEO at Luxury Presence has endorsed us by saying that real estate solution delivered by us has all cutting edge functionalities. It helps them stay ahead of the curve.

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