Recently, I have had the opportunity to try my hands to build a few Single Page Applications using Laravel and VueJS and to my surprise, I was completely blown away with the availability of the development tools. It’s been more than half of the decade, I have been coding and have developed single page applications with the use of modern front-end frameworks such as AngulaJS, VueJS and React. Laravel at the back-end duties and VueJS at the front-end and with a little configuration you are all set to rock and roll.

Nowadays, Vue ships with Laravel because it strengthens the security, speed up the database work and creating applications much easier. Before, figuring it out, let’s discover the benefits of the Laravel framework.

Why Laravel is Great for Backend?

Most programmers will mention smooth performance as well as features when it comes to benefits of a framework, but when the combination of performance and features are perfectly met, the convenience of development and ongoing support and maintenance matters most.

Laravel is always known for making developers happy and possibly, this could be the reason why users are so passionate about Laravel because it really delivers on this. After spending years on Node/Express when I devoted my time on Laravel, I was completely blown away with how simple and elegant it is. Let me get you through some more benefits of Laravel Framework:


Laravel supports the varieties of tools, with that it provides expressive and unified API for various caching backends. With pre-installed support apps like Redis, Laravel in-turn increase the memory caching.

Laravel Scout:

It’s an effective tool and provides a simple, driver-based solution for adding full-text search to your eloquent models.


It is used for updating and installation. It helps Laravel programmers to develop an application of any size to manage 3rd party packages.


A pre-installed template is called Blade and its purpose is to increase optimal performance.


Varieties of libraries are already pre-installed and authentication Library is one of the most popular libraries of Laravel.

Direct Testing Option:

A testing tool for programmers to validate everything is right. As it makes easier for programmers to judge the performance of the application.

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How Vue is Better Than Other Javascript Frameworks?

Vue is widely used to build web interfaces and since the past few years, it is emerging as one of the Javascript frameworks for replacing top-notch technologies like Angular and React in many cases. VueJS was initially launched in 2014 and this lightweight framework has now 39,933 stars of Github.

Vue is Faster
The rendering system of VUE is faster than other Javascript framework like React. Whether it is DOM size, library size or page size VUE is leading in all of these categories.

Simplicity comes with VUE

VUE is known for its simplicity. Vue can be directly run from a browser and it is also possible to insert VUE into any line of code.

Large Scale Implementation of Apps

Vue is easier to understand and even faster to execute with rendering function. Vue system is more configurable and it uses HTML templates as its core designing part so it makes it more testable when it is combined with Vue utilities.

VueJS is growing so fast

VUE is developed by a single programmer – Evan You. Vue has all the native elements that is suitable to fit in all the circumstances. Vue is gradually becoming popular Javascript framework as Vue gets 225k hits per month.

What Makes VueJS and Laravel a Beautiful Combination?

Official Community Support

You can adhere on VueJS to spin up with a Laravel project. As VueJS is offering official support to the Laravel developers so it can be maintained for a long time project coupling Vue and Laravel in mind.

Great API Documentation

The document goes really well with vue+laravel than the other technologies and resources available on the internet. Vue and Laravel are pretty good with the documentation experience so an accurate document means good learning and development experience for programmers.

Online Resources and Useful Websites

Vue has numbers of verified online resources for Laravel than any other framework. Website like Laracast – The best PHP and Laravel screencasts on the web focus a lot about Vue + Laravel. Numbers of packages and articles around these two are available on the net.

Ease of Use

Considering all the above points it is obvious that why programmers are using Laravel with Vue. The combination of these two frameworks is easier to learn as well as use. Fortunately, the whole Laravel community is biased towards VueJS that makes packages related to VueJS + Laravel widely available.

Wrapping Up

So did you get the exact reason, why VueJS is widely adopted by Laravel developers? If yes, then we have both the types of developers available at our organization to fulfill your development needs. Hire Laravel developer in the combination of Hire Vue.JS developer to build a scalable APi driven application with re-usable code for web, mobile and desktop.

You can even talk to our Laravel/VueJS expert to know about further possibilities and benefits you can get by applying the combination of Laravel and VueJS in your next web/mobile application project.

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