Comparison Parameter Vue Angular
Language JavaScript Typescript
Architecture MVVM MVM
Performance Exclusive with virtual DOM Good with real DOM
Size Medium-sized apps: 250-500 kB Compact Apps:50-100 KB
Error handling Runtime Compile-Time
Templating HTML-based templates with simple data binding HTML templates with powerful data binding
Data Binding One-way data flow (changes in data reflect in UI) Two-way data binding (changes in User Interfaces reflect in data and vice versa)
State Management Vuex Built-in with RxJS and NgRx
Directives Limited built-in directives Rich set of built-in directives
Tooling Vue CLI Comprehensive command-line interface (CLI)
Testing Better testing Difficult to test
Development Community Growing and active open source community Large and active community
Security Filtering HTML content and Vue attribute bindings Uses XSRF & XSSI
Scalability Limited Enterprise-grade
Development speed Good Good
Code Maintainability Easy Easy
Learning Curve Steeper learning curve Reasonable