Parameters Scrum Master Agile Coach
Focus Areas • Focuses on a single team
• Focuses on assisting team with the daily workflow.
• Focuses on all the teams of the organization
• Focuses on creating an overarching system for the teams and the leadership to follow.
Role • Very often a transitioned project manager with an extensive or not so extensive Scrum
• knowledge and experience
• Works with a single team
• A scrum master makes sure that everything is flowing smoothly in the Scrum process.
• A seasoned and evolved scrum master with vast knowledge and experience in Agile practices
• Works with all the teams, leaders, and other stakeholders
• An agile coach defines what, how, when, who and why of that flow.
Knowledge A scrum master needs to master the Scrum framework thoroughly. An Agile Coach knows various Agile methods, including Scrum, Kanban, Scaling Methods, and many others.
Duration Scrum master works with the Scrum Team in each sprint and stays with it throughout the life of the Scrum Team. Limited in comparison to the duration of a scrum master. An agile coach stays with the organization until the goal is accomplished and then moves on.