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Each year, hundreds and thousands of developers trip over the supremacy of Ruby on Rails for Backend over all other backend frameworks. Although Java has been in the industry ever since the concept of coding was born, it was usable back then only. Today, with the introduction of Ruby, developers are always up for giving it a try. Although Ruby has all the essential features that an ideal framework should have, it has a lot more, making it different from the rest. With faster modules, runtime, plugins, etc. RoR has became a solid hit in the market and especially for the product owners

This blog will justify why Ruby on Rails Backend development is the right choice for web development.

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The importance of backend development is more eminent than ever. With the backend becoming more advanced, websites offer interesting features that were usually not possible in the past. Considering this, one such effective development tool that enhances the backend of your application is Ruby on Rails. Offering an accurate infrastructure for developers to work within the framework, Ruby helps developers ease mundane tasks quickly.

Emphasizing convention instead of configuration, RoR reduces the project’s time and overall development as well as Rails app maintenance cost. However, these reasons do not validate why you should switch to Ruby on Rails. Here is an overview that states why Ruby on Rails backend is the ideal technology for your web applications. But before beginning with the reasons, let’s look into what features make Ruby on Rails web app development valuable.

What Makes Ruby on Rails Backend App Development Valuable?

Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails For Web Development

RoR is the combination of Ruby scripting language with the Rails framework. Ruby has an object-oriented approach, and hence the development procedure offers seamless visuals automatically. Below listed are a few reasons why Ruby on Rails is considered the perfect framework for software development.

  • RoR provides full-stack Web development capacities that bring backend and frontend together.
  • Ruby on Rails developers write code swiftly because the framework is highly clutter-free and easy. As a result, it renders more time for product marketing.
  • Connecting and hiring an RoR development company is highly affordable. This brings down Cost To Hire Ruby On Rails Developer.
  • RoR website development handles huge amounts of traffic brilliantly. This is because it can scale up your website easily.
  • Developing dynamic Web design becomes a child play with RoR app development as the extensions and RubyGems offer brilliant extensibility.
  • The variety of managed Ruby on Rails hosting is not at all limited to dedicated and shared options as it can be categorized into advanced hosting solutions like Cloud, VPN, and dedicated servers.


  • Creates the brain of your website
  • Developers can enhance the existing code efficiently
  • Free and open-source that uses gems
  • The huge community of developers has the benefit of the API architecture
  • Holds distinct styles of programming
  • Enables quick prototyping at a considerable budget
  • Tags along excellently with agile software development

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What Exactly is Ruby on Rails Backend?

Ruby on Rails is a dynamic web application framework that enables developers to build and deploy applications easily and efficiently. RoR backend programming language eases the whole workload of developers. In larger terms, the development process is optimized by the prepackaged code that serves as a set of ‘gems’. Overall, the developers address RoR as one of the most preferred and finest application environments to work with.

Why is Ruby on Rails an Ideal Framework?

To begin with, Ruby on Rails follows a structured approach to web development instead of the traditional and uninteresting approach ideas of other communities. Below are a few reasons why Ruby on Rails for backend is the next-generation framework.

1. Talented RoR Developers

Engineers that use the RoR framework tend to work more responsibly instead of taking any swift/aggressive approach. This slow and steady take lowers the risk of facing all and any compatibility issues with the features in an application. The only consideration you need to make is to connect with developers that have experience in working on a project same as yours.

2. Methodical and Systematic Tooling

Rails have a wide range of tools that allow you to add features consistently. RoR renders a structure developers can adopt to build the application, eventually lowering the need to implement repetitive elements.

3. Top-Notch Coding

Although NodeJS and PHP are popular choices for maximum developers, the quality of coding that Ruby provides is unbeatable and highly better. Smooth and clean coding approach leading to an efficient and quick functioning application.

4. Vast Range of Resources

The RoR library amasses codes and modules from third parties. Besides, they are highly accessible via Ruby Gems. Your RoR development company can save loads of time to develop by sourcing data from third-party libraries. Eventually, you will see your app running swiffer, and then it usually does.

5. Thorough Testing

Ruby on Rails’ best feature is its emphasis on testing. Many developers use test automation to check-in and fix all issues, lags, and bugs. Eventually, this approach offers fine results, thus building high-quality resources in the Ruby library.

6. Future-Proof Technology

Several coding schools, including Codecademy and Steer, are bringing RoR to the table. Considering this, it is safe to state that the future sees a great connection with developers who have experience number of Ruby developers in the RoR community will see a significant increase.

7. Time-Efficient

RoR offers efficient development of platforms. RoR Developers focus on convention. In addition, the tool setup is object-oriented and has easy and accessible resources. Developers only have to fetch the data to accomplish programming. This allows developers to put their hands on multiple projects simultaneously.

8. Effort-Efficient

The biggest reason why developers can save time with Ruby is that it requires minimal effort. Ruby is highly readable and has an easy learning curve with self-documenting. Hence, RoR Developers do not require to write the documentation for codes differently. Even if you switch your RoR Developer midway, the best part is that you can find a substitute within a click.

9. Massive Developer Community

To be precise, the backend is loaded with technical problems that a single developer cannot fix. However, RoR has a massive community of developers that frequently collaborate to solve complicated product development issues. Under GitHub, Ruby owns one of the biggest communities growing more each day.

10. Silicon Valley Acceptance

RoR is highly accepted in Silicon Valley. Giants, including Shopify, Airbnb, GitHub, etc., have used RoR development in their architecture. As a result, it has obtained global recognition from the valley.

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11. Rich Libraries

Unlike any other development framework, Ruby on Rails holds one of the best libraries. RubyGems is a miracle worker for her r developers because it provides a gem in exchange for anything. These gems are accessible to everyone. One can search for it on rubygems.org.

12. Increased Productivity

Ruby on Rails has an easy language. RoR codes are learned easily by beginners. In addition, when combined with libraries, RoR helps to develop feature-rich applications. All in all, RoR is one of the most preferred and productive programming languages suitable for web development.

Why Is Ruby Different From The Rest?
Compared with PHP, C#, or Java, Ruby is highly different. Ideally, it accepts almost everything to run the site. In addition, as it is resourceful and loose, Ruby has turned out to be the most preferred choice for all sites experiencing high traffic with the help of Rails. This framework is steady, precise, understandable, and concise in simpler terms.

What's the Take on Popularity?

Generally, any technology that marks a space in the Valley gains worldwide acceptance and recognition. Several renowned companies like Etsy, Shopify, etc., to name a few, use RoR.

Quick LookBook: Why do Companies Use Ruby on Rails?

Owing to its pioneering features, companies opt for Ruby on Rails because of the following:

  • Database table formations
  • Flawless migrations
  • Scaffolding of views
  • Facilitating swift development of web applications
  • Powering web apps, RoR is beneficial for both reputable firms/enterprises/businesses and start-ups.
  • Excellent choice for all Ruby on Rails mobile app development in iOS and Android with its agile development practices
  • The Built-in tool, Minitest, is a vast-ranging test suite that provides innumerable testing traits such as expectation syntax, benchmarking, and mocking.

Companies Using Ruby on Rails

Being an adaptable and flexible framework, RoR is not restricted to a single industry. Spanning around and scaling up the fintech sector, financial sector, startups, and business owners, let’s look into how this brilliant framework helps successful product owners to scale up their business swiftly and effectively.

Companies Using Ruby on Rails

1. RoR: e-Commerce Sites

e-Commerce websites are the chief beneficiaries of Ruby on Rails. This is because of the extensive gems covering all phases of e-commerce businesses, from accounting to security and authentication. Gems provide incredible features and functionality required for the easy functioning of online stores. To sum up, RoR offers a vast array of tools required to boost online marketplace and retailers in a plethora of niches.

★ Shopify
Shopify offers simpler solutions for organizations to craft their e-commerce outlet as per their desired themes and customs. Here, Ruby on Rails has extended its support considerably and consistently to support millions of active users. In 2019 June, the company declared it had around 1,000,000 businesses in over 175 countries with a gross retail volume crossing $41.1 billion compared to 2018. Shopify notes its success story by adopting Ruby on Rails by looking at the statistics.

2. RoR: Software Development Websites

The current world is full of challenges. Companies that hold RoR support by classic programming conventions help the development process become simple besides preserving the base software requirements.

★ GitHub
GitHub Inc. offers several collaborative characteristics like wikis for projects, bug tracking, feature requests, project management, etc. Back in January 2020, GitHub reported more than 40 million active users with over 100 million repositories, making it the world’s chief host of source code. Undeniably, GitHub is one of the classic instances of RoR.

3. RoR: Entertainment Sites

Companies that use RoR for entertainment have stated their growth upon switching to Ruby on Rails. With efficient coding, rapid development, and stability, RoR has facilitated brilliant streaming sessions in the entertainment industry.

★ Netflix
Netflix Inc. deals in offering online streaming services like films, TV shows, etc., based on subscriptions. Today, as of Jan 2022, Netflix has announced about 222 million paid subscriptions around the globe, with 69 million active users in the US alone after implementing Ruby on Rails.

4. RoR: HR Websites

In the HR industry, software updates are turning out to be a chief priority because of the multiplied gathering and redirecting. Companies using Rails help in effective project management besides maintaining magnanimous databases. RoR has become the most favorable framework for maximum online job portals.

★ Fiverr
Fiverr facilitates selling and purchasing a vast range of digital services, including translation, writing, video editing, graphic designing, etc. In 2019 after getting listed in the NYSE, the firm reported revenue of $292.4 million in the year 2021. After adopting Ruby on Rails, Fiverr has helped around 3.42 million freelance buyers until now! To become a chief factor in the entire tech stack, Ruby on Rails allows the platform to hold an expansive database of many freelance gigs.

How does RoR Enhance the Backend of Web Applications?

Let’s consider how RoR is becoming the next-generation web development framework to answer this question. Ruby on Rails has a wide range of online courses on popular websites such as Coursera, Steer, Udemy, Codecademy, etc. Many developers learn RoR web application development due to its simplicity. In the long run, this simplicity will be a huge benefit as it will give rise to many talented, skilled, and professional Ruby developers.

The biggest merit of RoR is its rapid prototyping feature. Besides writing easy codes, there is much more to Ruby on Rails backend software development. All in all, you can save enormous amounts of money and time throughout the development process.

Undoubtedly, RoR web development is one of the most preferred and desired frameworks for maximum developers. Boasting an excellent community, RoR helps create high-quality code that makes the overall development faster and easier. Moreover, if some projects have smaller budgets and strict deadlines, Ruby on Rails will work as the magic element here.


Resource efficiency, development speed, flexibility, amazing community, and tried and tested practices always make Ruby on Rails a favorable framework for building custom web applications. If you plan to hire a remote Ruby on Rails developer and looking for a dedicated offshore Ruby on Rails development team, just like your in-house team, we got you covered.

Check out our RoR tutorials and see the power of this amazing framework.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

RoR can be used in backend and also as a fullstack development programming language. It covers both the frontend and backend development technologies.

The latest version of Ruby on Rails is V 7 released on January 6, 2022.

RoR is the best choice for projects like Content Management system development, e-commerce portal development, social media platform creation and forum development. However, it won’t be a good pick if you want to run a simple blogging website or one-page websites, because of the cost involved in developing such solutions.

Ruby on Rails has immense potential to transform ideas into high-yielding products. Hence, RoR is a good choice for building the Minimum Viable Product MVP for startups and budding entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the tips to scale an RoR app: cache often, bifurcate your data, make minimal use of dependencies, optimize and chop-off unwanted data from your database.

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