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Recently, we released an android application (Can not mention the name of app as we sign an NDA), developed from scratch using React Native. The development team took a leap of faith with React Native and I am very much pleased to say, it is paid off! We extremely satisfied with the development and client is satisfied with the result – development took only fraction of time to get it done. Before I convince you, why you might want to consider React Native as the basis of your next project, go check out our Page to get assured, what we can do for you.

It’s no secret that app developers worldwide are flocking to React Native than preferring other JS framework, which is already there on the tech market. And it’s no secret that Facebook’s React Native has become an emerging trend for building quality, powerful and Native framework based apps on React. For both platforms, iOS and Android, React Native has gained a lot of traction to make it possible to build apps that emulate the performance of native applications. React Native came into existence in march, 2015 and there has been no looking back since then.

What Makes Us Fall InLove With React Native

Why We Love React Native And You Should, Too!

React Native Can Deal With Both Ecosystems

As the matter of fact,developing native apps for Android and the iOS platform is a tedious task, we all know that, these both are two entirely different ecosystems. To develop an application in iOS, you will be required to have sound knowledge of Objective-C or Swift along with Cocoa Touch. On the other hand, Android apps demand to have knowledge of Java and Android SDK. Bearing the pain, you will need to stay updated with the latest features of two major ecosystems. However, no problem lasts forever with technology.

React Native As a Game Changer


React Native allow developers to use the same code for developing different platforms. So, this is how React Native helps application developers to get the major drawback cover.

Let the Developer Reuse the Code, which is already written

Reuse the code, which is already written is actually a big thing in the software development. However, React Native brings the same ability. Let me clarify the above sentence, React Native is not the one where you write code for once and use it on all the platforms as per the best standards and practices. While using React Native, you will need to write some fresh UI that looks and feel native for both platforms and you can always use the common UI code on both platforms to reduce the time to write code and bring down the issue with better efficiency.

Offers Compatibility with Third Party Plugins

React Native lets you integrate third party apps in your application. For example, you want to add a photo editing application in your inbuilt photo app. Simply download a thirty party plugin offered by React Native and link it with a native module.

APP UI Becomes More Predictable and Easier To Understand

React’s declarative API eliminates an imperative one and makes it easier for users to predict and understand your app UI. However, it’s not as easy as it may sound;but, React Native’s declarative APIs give your worries a ride to the moon and help you focus on the current state of your UI.

Reloading Was Never So Simple

After the each specific written code, programmers prefer to conduct testing. I don’t find anything wrong with that as it requires installation and compilation in a real device or in a simulator. However, with React Native the scenario is completely different. To have a look at the changes in the code, simply refresh the code in the simulator, emulator, or device. Making use of “Live Reload” you can easily detect a changed code.

React Native is UI-Focussed

React Native has a highly responsive Interface, just like AngularJS and MeteroJS, it is more focused on UI. This is the reason, React Native apps sport a highly responsive interface. And the Javascript interactions between the Native environment and React Native reduces load times and give a smoother feel of the app.

Open source projects include a large community of contributors, and each of contributor helps in making the project better and better. React Native is a very large community of developers working constantly towards bug fixing, feature improvement and helping the people to use it.

Bacancy Technology is a leading contributor of this community. If you are looking for experts to build something common in mobile applications, then hire React Native developers from Bacancy Technology as we can be your one stop solution.


So, what do you think about React Native? I hope you too have been agreed with the virtues that have been mentioned above about the React Native. In case of any query or doubts, we are always beside you. For more information contact us on solutions@bacancytechnology.com.

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