There are numbers of JavaScript MVC frameworks out there. But, I am in love with ReactJS. Rather than stretching the words into the tale, let me introduce ReactJS as Instagram and Facebook development JavaScript library. It is so awesome, because of its user interfaces, which enhances the front end user experiences.

Since ReactJS has been embraced by big brands, like Airbnb, Netflix, Walmart, and Flip Board, don’t you think, it’s a good idea to do have a look that what makes this JavaScript so awesome.

My purpose to write this article is to discuss the Pros of ReactJS and trust me, you will re-think about re-building your Graphical User Interface. Let me walk you through the React’s awesomeness as why you should consider this JavavaScript Library as your next project and why it deserves your attention.

Components: Future Of Web Development

Whether its lately or rightly Shadow DOM and framework such as PolymerJS has actually created a much-required buzz. The actual concept of Polymer boils down to generating self-contained, tailored elements, which can be easily imported and use in your project. This is itself an extraordinary idea, however, ReactsJS has taken the concept to the very next level.

ReacstJS do not make use of Shadow DOM in its place it provides an ability to build your own components that you can later reuse as well as a combine. This is one of the single-biggest productivity as it is so much easier to define and easier to multiple your components.

ReactJS is extremely efficient

ReactJS builds its personal virtual DOM where the components are actually live. Such method presents with massive flexibility as well as amazing gains in performance because ReactJS calculates what changes are required to be made in DOM beforehand along with updates of DOM tree consequently. In such way, ReactJS avoids expensive DOM operations and makes updates in an efficient manner.

It’s SEO friendly

One of the most common issues with JavaScript frameworks that they are not at all friendly with search engine friendly. Search engines have significant issues when it comes to reading JavaScript-heavy applications. However, ReactJS differentiated itself apart from the crowd as ReactJS run on the server and the virtual DOM will be rendered as well as returned to the browser as a routine web page. There is clearly no need for PhantomJS as well as other tricks.

It makes writing Javascript easier

ReactJS makes use of syntax called JSX that let you mix HTML with JavaScript. However, this is not compulsory as you can also write in plain javascript, but I actually want you to try syntax because it makes components a breeze.ReactJS lets those bits of HTML into functions with a very special JSXTrans former.

Get out-of-the-box development tools

When you are banging on ReactJS, I would advise you to make use of the RecatJS chrome extension. As it makes debugging so much easier. Installation of the extension lets you look directly into the virtual DOM just like you are browsing a regular DOM tree the elementary panel.

The brain behind this open source and Facebook

Initially RecatJS was specially developed for the internal purpose of Facebook, however, now it is open source. When Facebook realized they have developed something truly awesome, they decided to share this project to the world, so the entire world can take benefits from it

First, it was Facebook and the Instagram used it to build their web-based platform and then after the successfully delivered result, Khan Academy and New York Times, implemented ReactJS in their project.


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