Do you still remember the very first time you felt super excited and exceptional? That wonderful feeling you might have experienced, when you actually want to have something that you were craving or dreaming since a long time?

It’s a similar feeling when you upgrade your iPhone 5s to iPhone 7, upgrade your car from a sedan to an SUV. It’s a mixture of feelings as excitement comes with fear. You are super excited because your requirements have been fulfilled and you have got something new and shiny that ensure to deliver faster processing, better photos, more features and more storage. You’re fearful because you will always carry it with you and you will going to use for the upcoming next two to three years.

Most of the time, anytime we upgrade anything in life have always ensured our comforness. However, inevitably if a new version arrives on the market and you are the first adopter and you are being to adopt it, then?

Remember mobile phones to smartphones?

I think you are surely getting the point I am trying to make you clear here. So I am writing this active to make you understand that why you should upgrade your Kentico CMS and not be fearful.

Web Farm & Windows Azure Cloud Support

At present, static website are dinosaurs of the web. As consumers and business people often come to the company’s website to get educated about the business and obviously a website garner the first impression.

55% of visitors spend less than 10 seconds on your website.So, a highly-available website is no longer an option, but it’s a critical business requirement. Since the inception Kentico has understood and supported web farm deployments. Kentico was the first CMS to have native support for deployment in Windows Azure.

End-User Focus

If you will take a look at the modern CMS, you will find most of them written and focused on IT or the programmer. However, I think the core purpose of the content management system is to put the control of maintaining the content of website in the hands of non-technical end- user. So, it clearly means that the end-user is not required to be proficient with any programming language.The best thing about Kentico CMS is that it is specifically designed considering the non-technical end-user in mind.

Enterprise Marketing

To successfully drive your business value as well as marketing strategies, it is indeed mandatory to have a CMS that connect an EMS – Enterprise Marketing Suite / Solution. Kentico’s EMS is combined with their powerful CMS to merge the best online marketing tools in a fully integrated package. Such tools include, Campaign Management, Web Analytics, E-mail Marketing, Contact Management, A/B and MVT testing, Lead Scoring, Segmentation and Personalization. Kentico EMS arms you with the tools needed to produce results.


There are lots of organizations they have their own eCommerce websites developed on a separate platform from their own main company website. However, in terms of driving sales through marketing and brand awareness, many of them have built directly into the Kentico CMS, as a robust eCommerce engine and eCommerce shopping cart. So, it’s a huge advantage when combined with the Kentico EMS to get that full 360 degree web platform for your business.

Moreover, Kentico’seCommerce support includes Authorize.NET payment gateways and PayPal as well as the ability to manage products and pricing that is flexible and intuitive.

Social Media Support

Social media has literally modified the marketing model from a push-modality to a pull-modality. Social Media is an engaging way to provide a way to reach a much larger audience. Kenticois built on social media support forTwitter, Facebook, YouTube, Open IDas well as tools for building your own online communities. Nowadays, a social media integration is a must have for every website.

7 Day Bug Fix Policy

Like, there is nothing as bug-free software! Programmers literally struggle to write bug-free code, however the difficulty of the human to machine interface and the complication of software systems makes it almost impossible to write bug-free software even with the best testing as well as software quality assurance systems. Any organization producing software should definitely be there right after their product and fix bugs in a timely manner. Kentico Software has 7-day bug fix policy.

Live World-Wide 24x7x365 Technical Support

Kentico’s support is truly world-class as it includes live worldwide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Kentico also has self-service support with its DevNet portal. It includes a knowledge base, active forums, hundreds of video tutorials, and full documentation. Literally, Kentico’s support is unparalleled in the industry.

The Bottom Line

If you are still wondering what’s great about so great about this best-in-class enterprise content management, then you should surely get in touch with our Kentico experts. Bacancy Technology is a proud Kentico Partner. We are the best Kentico Development Company to provide customized Kentico based EMS and CMS solutions. Hire Kentico developers from us to leverage the power of Kentico in your business.

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