How to find the clients from Service web and mobile development Company?
Most difficult part of life for small or medium web and mobile application Development Company is finding more and more project in every month or every quarter. As company growth in size, you must have project available. Because most of web and mobile application can’t go more than 3 months. So every quarter you must have project ready to survive in the company.

Some of dedicated or big project help organization to survive for least salary but if you can’t manage proper marketing strategy then it would be very difficult to survive in market. Because reason it, now a days, most of vendor do cheap software development with cheap quality and still they survive because client is also looking for his budget.

There are lots of ways available to find clients.
1) Getting clients from bidding sites
2) Attend the big conferences or put your stalls in big software events.
3) SEO marketing or paid google marketing.
4) Email marketing.
5) Keep your sales person at any other country.

The Most important point is, you can’t rely on single kind of marketing. You have to go through most of marketing strategy. Obvious the marketing strategies are very expensive. But its all about business and how to invest money rather than save the money and looking for grew the organization rather than more profit.

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