Yes, you have landed on the right page to leverage the knowledge about the trendiest JavaScript open source GUI library – ReactJS. As the speed of new technologies and tools have made their way easier like never before.

Front-end development is one of the significant parts of web app development. We at Bacancy Technology always tend to keep our point of any specific website emphasizing design and structure. I think this is what makes front-end technologies more significant in web development. When it comes to front development, Javascript is pretty much favorable to them, especially when dynamic web pages are taking place. So, I am writing this blog to discuss an adoptable technology, which has become the trendiest and most loved technology.ReactJS has come into the picture to build kickass UIs and interactive web apps.

So, let’s get started and figure out the reasons to choose ReactJS.

Reasons To Choose ReactJS

So are you too wondering that why we want you to develop your UI using RecatJS platform? Because this amazing JavaScript framework has made development process so easy and provides intended quality interfaces. This widely used JavaScript open source library created by Facebook and adopted by global leaders like Instagram, Yahoo, Dropbox, and Netflix has much sought after alternatives for the development of highly compelling and user-friendly websites as well as applications. Moreover, ReactJS development has opened new ways as it provides a number of possibilities to the programmers to make them develop more creative.

By going this entire blog, you will have all the details about the blissful features and advantages of using this framework. I have also covered the significant reasons that suggest why ReactJS is a reliable option for web app development.

Crucial features of ReactJS

Easy Framework to work with

ReactJS is extremely simple and it literally makes web pages dynamic and interactive. Also, it provides quality and speedier application development to save the valuable time of the clients as well as the developers.


ReactJS simplifies significant data changes that in turn result in an automatic modification in the specific parts of UIs. Because of having this advanced functionality, you are not required to perform any additional functions to update your UI.

Reusability of Component

Reusability is a remedy for programmers. Making use of this platform, programmers have the authority to reuse the components develop for some other application using the same functionality. As it reduces the development effort and makes sure that components perform flawlessly.

Exploring ReactJS

Lightweight virtual DOM

As ReactJS improves the performance dramatically, along with having a cool feature, it has its own virtual DOM. React simply does not update on the fly, whenever the data is changed or changing because the virtual DOM is the data and all the significant components have existed in the virtual DOM. React works as an intermediate when the updated DOM is re-rendered. So, first, it determines the changes in the DOM before it gets updated in the DOM. This is very useful for building the user interface.

Component Based

You are required to know everything about in terms of a component if you are making use of ReactJS. Everything here is composed of components. For the UI building, it lets you use external libraries. It also moderates the requirements to write the boilerplate code. This is what helps you to maintain the large projects. Every functionally in the ReactJS is added as a component.

One Way Data Flow

Components are not allowed to change in ReactJS and the data within the components have the same property. So, if you want to change your data in another direction, then you will need to use other features. Components operate smoothly and remain synchronized as ReactJS listen to the data, which is flowing from the upstream. This feature actually makes ReactJS more effective in terms of building the user interface.

SEO Friendly

Projected developed in the JavaScript are not so SEO friendly. With so many researches and improvements, Facebook has introduced ReactJS that stands out from the crowd and allow programmers to develop UIs, which is best browse on other search engines.

Facebook Support and React Native

React supports to React native that provides the architecture to Android and iOS applications. It means mobile apps can be built by JavaScript through the same design as ReactJS is being widely supported by Facebook. It’s an open source so, you can add your contribution too.

Some Additional Advantages Of ReactJS

  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Makes JavaScript coding easier
  • Handles dependencies
  • Excellent cross-platform support
  • Provides amazing developer tools
  • Template designing made easy
  • Easy to adopt
  • UI focused designs

By deeply analyzing the above-mentioned features and considering the facts, whether it is a big or small company, everyone wants to avail the ReactJS development services for their website’s user interfaces.

So, if you are planning to hire ReactJS development company or hire ReactJS developers (No hiring commitments. Hire when you require)., who can underline your specific requirements along with ensuring to deliver your desirable result, then you should definitely count on Bacancy Technology. We are a top-notch ReactJS development company and have always strive hard to achieve a client’s given targets by delivering results beyond their expectations.

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