Well, it took almost 20 years of time to build real-time web applications, with two-way connections, where both the client and server can start communication to exchange data freely.

Still, Node.js is no silver bullet; it has created a heated debate around its usability. Because, developers need to understand that it is designed for the specific applications, beyond those apps it will not give most or fruitful result. Like, by eating an orange you can’t expect it to have the benefits of an apple. So, Node.js is a solution to every web based development problem, but it has its own application. However, its speed, easability, and reusability have placed Node.js platform as next generation web apps and services.

So, let’s have a look how you can use Node.js platform to build awesome, dynamic and real-time experiences..

Gif Chat Room

Generally, Node.js is used to create chat applications. But, here’s an innovative twist. You might be aware that Firefox and Chrome – search engines, have an API to access a computer’s camera. Making use of it, images form a camera gets processed nearby the submission of a chat room and then a gif is sent to the room.

Turn your smartphone into a remote control

You can easily transform your smartphone into a remote control if you are aware how and Node.js can make this happen with least effort.

Create your own Hangouts

Making use of other modern web APIs like WebRTC you can create your own Google Hangout-like applications. i.e. – Talky.io

Design an app as your personal chat room

Building a chat room by making use of Node.js actually makes a difference. It has all the operational and functional tools, which you might need in order to create a brilliant chat room app. So, you can create your own brilliant chat room app.

Build an app to boost your drawing skill

Once I have seen Treehouse students, they were drawing in the jQuery app. So, I thought to extend the functionality with Node.js so that numbers of people can draw on the same canvas. You can also share it on the social media platform. So, simply draw, create and share.

Build a real time bidding platform

Improve your bidding skill by simply creating your own bidding platform.

Design adesktop control application

Node.js makes it possible. You can create a number of apps that can run on your own desktop at the same,however, if they are from different platforms. You just have to make use of RRS reading app to make use of all the apps on your desktop using Node.js

Real-time food ordering application

Create an app for your client, which can serve them better in real-time. Making use of Node.js,you can create a good food application that will give your clients freedom from standing in queue!!!


Hopefully, above examples are enough to understand the capability of Node.js because, I think sky is the limit when it comes to creating application and tools using Node.js. It is an excellent platform that you can use to connect computers together, while allowing projects to be worked on all together, in different locations as well as in-real time.

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