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Switching to a new language is a big step, specifically when only one of your mates has prior experience with that specific language. These days, most of the starred/forked codes at Github have various tags: categories seem to be written in GO language. 2 to 3 years back, it was a similar scenario with Python, but the game has changed.

This blog compares both these languages and provides you with a clarification as to which one will be ideal for your next project: Golang vs Python in 2022.

Golang Vs Python Web Development (For New Age)

In the technological world of web development, Agility is a king. Businesses are gaining a competitive edge by having their web pages, web apps, and websites developed faster with minimal expenses and the resources involved. On-demand web development does not fulfill the client’s requirement, as there is a special demand for seamless user experience and advanced usability. This is where one needs to adopt a more functional and advanced programming language with a modern server-side stack. Is it going to be Golang or Python? Find it out here.

Before beginning any new project, almost all of the development teams these days have to go through a series of meetings to decide which one is the best programming language for the software that they are going to develop. When it comes to this discussion, two of the most popular and used options are Python and Golang.

But before that, let us move forward and have an introduction to both these programming languages.

golang vs python

Introduction to Golang

  • Go, which is more commonly known as Golang, is a computer language of Programming, which is the child of Google.
  • The development of this language began in the year 2007. With the language being introduced in the year 2009 to the people, it quickly started to grow, and it is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the present year of 2019.
  • The language has the base of the C programming language, and hence there is no additional garbage of the other languages such as C++. So, in a way, Golang is incorporated with different features which form the base of modern languages.
  • These features include operator overloading, type inheritance, and pointer arithmetic. The end result was a product that was statically typed and had a powerful and refined library with unparalleled speed and performance.

Introduction To Python

  • Python is one of the most commonly used general types of programming language, and so it can be used in every single case. Created by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch Programmer, the language was released to the public in the year 1991.
  • It is one of the top 7 programming languages which are used by the people, and it also ranks No.1 in the annual results of IEEE Spectrum Ranking.
  • One of the essential aspects which make Python a critical language is that the language is interpreted. This means the code which is written for the language is not necessarily translated to the computer-format, which is quite common in today’s programming languages.
  • The language is also known as the ‘Scripted Language.’ The reason behind this name is that it was meant for trivial use. However, recent studies suggest a 5.2% growth in the usage statistics of Python, which makes it a very popular programming language.

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Golang Vs Python: Comparing Parameters

Comparing parametres

The choice between these two amazing programming languages often becomes a difficult one for someone who is not familiar with the characteristics of each. In this blog, we will be discussing these two programming languages in detail and will compare the parameters which can help in finding out the best one between these two.

Here we are going to have a head-on comparison of these two programming languages to find out which one is best suited for web development projects.

Go Vs Python Performance

The performance of both these programming languages can be tested easily by including several factors such as memory management, functionality, and speed. Both the programming languages performed remarkably.

Scalability of Python Vs Go

In this day and age, having an application building process that is scalable is one of the most important things to consider for a development company. Golang as a language was created, keeping this parameter in check. For a Golang Development company like Google, the support and ideas of concurrent process channeling proved to be a significant factor.

However, when it comes to Python, the language surely showed some problems in the case of concurrency but had fantastic results when it came to parallelism. Python provided consistent results when it came to splitting up the tasks in order to provide better scalability for the programming language.

Concurrency in Golang vs Python

The term concurrency means that a particular app is making significant progress when it concurrently comes to multitasking. Let us provide you with an example. Say a computer has just a single CPU, then the application might not progress in different tasks. However, inside an app, various tasks are being processed. In a way, the computer will not be able to finish a task properly before it starts with the new one.

On the other hand, Parallelism states that an application can split up the tasks to created smaller divisions for processing in a parallel format, which makes the job of completing the tasks a lot easier. The bottom line here is that the Golang development services, as well as the Python services, are both compatible with their respective fields of interest. While one centers on concurrency, the other has the edge on parallelism.

Python vs Golang Web Applications

We all are familiar with the fact that every single programming language is meant for a different purpose. Javascript, for example, can be used for web development trends. Similarly, Python is a language that is being used for analytics, deep learning, AI, and other forms of development. This is all thanks to the huge libraries that Python has, which can make it easier to work on these projects.

But Golang is the language that is best suited for systems programming. Since it has concurrency on its side, there is no doubt you will be able to find acceptance and use in the fields of cluster computing and cloud computing as well. Apart from that, Golang also has its use in the field of web development due to its ease of use when it comes to libraries. With the help of Golang, you will be able to set up a proper web server easily, and it will just take a few seconds. There are different purposes for both these programming languages, and each one of them fulfills the purpose with credibility.

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Execution of code in Golang vs Python

Code execution is another one of the main factors upon which the popularity of a programming language rests. Python is a language that is typed dynamically, and Golang is the one that is typed statically. While Python uses an interpreter, Golang uses a compiler for the execution. So, what is the difference between a dynamically and a statically types language?

Well, in the case of a dynamically types programming language, the type interface can be implemented with the help of a proper interpreter, and hence there might be the presence of some bugs. However, in the case of a statically types programming language, there is no presence of the bugs because they are caught easily due to the computer-types interface.

So, while there might be some limitations for you in the case of Python, Golang can be executed with finesse, and hence, it is a good idea to hire Golang developers for the proper execution of code. However, Python doesn’t prove to be a bad competitor either as there is uniqueness with the dynamic pattern, which is not found in other programming languages.

Libraries in Go vs Python

For a developer, having a properly functioning library is one of the essential aspects. So, in case having a proper programming language is deemed pretty necessary. Python is the language that stands out in such a case because of the sheer amount of space when it comes to the libraries.

With fantastic packages such as Numpy, it can be a help in dealing with matrix functions and array handling. Scikit and Tensorflow help in Deep Learning, Pandas helps in Data Analysis, and other packages that can help a lot in other essential functions. The library of Python is one of the main reasons why developers tend to choose it in the first place.

However, that doesn’t mean that Golang can be left behind in the case. During the development process of the Golang, Google decided to use the most amazing libraries. When it comes to the comparison, Golang might not go near Python due to the boisterous number of libraries. But when it is a comparison of the usage fields, these two languages are mostly the same. There are amazing libraries for database handling, web development, encryption, and concurrent programming.

Closing Thoughts: Golang vs Python

From the blog mentioned above, we can say without a doubt that both these programming languages have their pros and cons when it comes to choosing one. So, did you get the exact reason, which one to choose to level up your business, because Go is safe to use when it comes to building reliable applications, on the other hand, Python is being employed in developing ERP tools to take care of everything from business management to data analytics.

We have Golang and Python developers to assist you with your personal preferences. Being an active member of both communities, we are always ready to serve you with your specific requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Comparatively, Golang is easy to learn than Python.

If we compare the Reddit community fanbase for both these programming languages, there are over 911k members for Python whereas 170k Gophers on Reddit. Hence, Python has a vast community.

Go is fast in comparison to Python.

Golang developers make more than Python developers as per talent.com.

Python has expertise in developing AI/ML applications, but Golang is young and has immense potential in AI. There is a huge scope for sure.

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