Rails 5’s one of the most highly anticipated features has officially introduced Web Socket support via Action Cable. For the Rails community, it’s a great move to get a real-time customer service chat application. Being a global leader in Ruby On Rails industry, we are excited to share this valuable information about the Rails application’s new implementation.

Back in December 2015, when ROR announced its first beta version of Rails 5.0 and recently after the four betas along with hundreds of contributors, Rails 5.0 as an upgraded version of Rails is finally done.

Action Cable is one of the significant move forwards for the Ruby on Rails platform. As it allows programmers to move away the distinctive response/request standard of old to the one, where incessant connections can be maintained from clients to your Rails servers. Making use of this feature, now it’s possible to write real-time features with the same styles as the rest of your application, which is somewhat really cool.

Earlier, I have published a series of articles describing Rails Exception Notifier, Rails usage statistics and market share analysis, Rails content management system and many more. Those articles successfully garnered some attention, so I decided to jot it down about the implementation of web sockets in Rails 5 with action cable.

Being a ROR programmer
, I implemented this feature to understand that how Action Cable makes designing live features like chat, notification and presence easier. As it’s still part of Basecamp 3 and still a secure collaborative space for Rails programmers.

Let me show how it does look like. And yes, it’s just a basic HTML from my end, I mean the developer’s end.

Screen shot

Rails5.0 Real time chat app

Fortunately, as a part of the support Rails community also provides an Action Controller::Renderer system to let the programmers access their complete active record and PORO domain model into their Web Sockets work. Action Cable smoothly runs in-process with the rest of your application. The rails community has recommended access to Action Cable in your own process which is how Basecamp runs at scale.

Action cable is an adaptation to the functionality as it is a two-way customer support chat system. Nowadays the majority of the eCommerce websites is being developed in ROR so, if being an organization, if you want to communicate with your customer whether it is via the website or SMS it is completely possible through this functionality. On the other hand, customers can also straight away send text messages from their cellphone to the customer support agent. So, definitely Action Cable is a standard advantage to the Rails developers as well as it will be also beneficial to those who want to implement this realtime message passing functionality.

Hope you have received a basic understanding of two way customer support chat application. So, Ruby on Rails is completely upon us and it has been said right that Rails has been praised as one of the productive way to get the Ruby on the web. The list of pros will continue to flow in countless parts when it comes to Ruby on Rails development.

So, I think Rails 5 is the convincing reason to get your next web app developed in Rails and join the extensive community of web entrepreneurs.

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