Earlier, when it comes to choosing A web development project, it was clearly one-horse race as most people end up choosing the jQuery to fulfill their specific project requirements. By the time the technologies evolved, web extended to mobile phones, new tools were introduced to developers improve their workflow; however, it was not presented as rivals to jQuery and MOO Tools.

At present, there are two most prominent JavaScript frameworks and both of them are major leader in front-end technologies. With Facebook backing up React and Google driving Angular, both frameworks have a solid base behind them so you are not required to worry, as none of them will drop you out of the sky like Prototype and MooTools did in the past.

So, here a quick comparison of two major front-end frameworks by features, community, interest, and size. If you are looking for a good and concise resource to weigh front-end framework options, then this infographic would be an undoubtedly nice resource to start with.

Angular2 vs React: Explore an in-depth comparison - Infographic


Choosing between React and Angular2 is completely dependent on the grounds of specific requirements. React is a lightweight blazing fast rendering framework, which is widely used in the larger application and on other hand Angular is an opinionated app development framework. Thus, the choice between the two should be completely dependent on what exactly your application requires.

I would like to advise to Hire React developers, if your application is focused on complex UI with custom elements and plenty of rendering. However, if you are imagining your app architecture something that has a declarative paradigm and a single cross-platform code base, then Hire Angular 2 developers and combine them with Native Script.

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