Choosing right JavaScript framework for designing and developing web application is quite difficult. Reactjs and Angular are quite popular and there is an ultimate upstart on getting more traction efficiently. Choosing right framework is much more important for the JavaScript system; website or application is an important priority on business. JavaScript system has the direct bearing on the durability and ability of the project to fit in the deadline that would enhance the code maintainability as well as scalability of the apps. Amount of JavaScript tools mainly increased by easily enabling the selection on the appropriate technology. Angular is the open-source front-end TypeScript-based web application platform that has been introduced by Angular Team. Angular is the complete rewrite that is built by AngularJS. React is the front-end library that is developed by the Facebook. React is mainly used to handling view layer on mobile and web apps. ReactJS efficiently allows creating reusable UI components in a much more efficient manner. Hire react developer well versed in popular JavaScript libraries having the strong foundations on the large community.

Comparison of Angular and React:

AngularJS and ReactJS are advanced, highly-performing and widely across the world. AngularJS and ReactJS frameworks are the popular topics that are highly used for the debate. Both of them were more advanced and also widely adopted on the JavaScript (JS) technologies for creating the interactive single-page applications (SPAs). With the wide number of JS tools are available in the modern world, application development of the single-page become faster and constantly growing. It also makes a better choice for the technology that mainly relies on challenges by the web developers. Although React is not a framework and an actual library, React is more widely used by JavaScript programmers. The main reason is that the React library has only views however, it lacks the Controller and Model components. Choose the best Reactjs development company for website & mobile application development services.

Library Against Framework:

Angular is a popular Javascript framework that suits multiple out-of-the-box solutions as well as designs. React ecosystem mainly comprises of the wide number of composable as well as targeted online tools. ReactJS is one of the building blocks. AngularJS is a framework and React is a library that has different aspects including the componentization, data binding, dependency resolution, and many more. These are the main differences between them for easily bringing you more prominent features. Hire Angular Developer to create the dynamic content using the CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Advantages of Angularjs:

Angularjs has the Global community support that makes Angular as best Javascript framework. Designers and developers collaborate and contributing community with the increase in reliability and credibility

  • Angularjs is a full-fledged framework suitable for the platform or browser
  • Ready-made tools
  • Contrasted with React
  • 2-way data bind
  • Diffuses impact on minor data change
  • Enhanced JS super-set supplying on optional static type checking
  • Object-based programming patterns
  • High-performance typing features
  • Component-based architecture

Disadvantages of Angularjs:

  • Angular is complicated and big
  • Complex Angular application
  • Bad Abstractions
  • Bad Performance
  • Complexity

Advantages of Reactjs:

  • JS syntax enabling HTML quotes is used with the HTML tag syntax suitable for the subcomponents
  • ReactJS promotes building machine-readable code
  • Provides ability for the compound components
  • One compile-time verified file
  • React gives the significant edge over Angular and it compromises on smart methods for mitigating DOM operations, accelerate and optimize the updates process
  • Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) is suitable for handling the vast databases
  • Core difference of Angularjs and Reactjs is especially suitable for JS-centric and the ng2 remains the HTML-centric.

Disadvantages of ReactJs:

  • Reactjs is not full-scale framework when compared to angular performance. Integration of UI library becomes the common MVC framework that requires deeper programming knowledge.
  • Reactjs is not mature and still young with more number of tutorial volumes and limited ecosystem
  • Reactjs lacks structured as well as comprehensive documentation



AngularJS is the fixed and complex structure based on 3 layers that include the Model, View, and Controller suitable for the single-page applications. Object scope is mainly measured in AngularJS which is responsible for the Model part initiated by Controller. angular js development company creates the specialized view on the user with standard services, controllers, directives, and factories.


React is created by Facebook that is chosen by the architecture which is similar to that of similar MVC frameworks. No “correct” structure of the application is built using the React. React is a large JavaScript library mainly helpful for updating the view of the user. React does not allow the user to create applications as library lacks controller and model layers.


Angular and React mainly offers complete diverse approaches to the web application development suitable for the small, midmarket or startup businesses. Angular and React are flexible for different applications. So, consider your requirements and choose wisely.

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