As we all know Angular.js is a MVC framework built to develop single page applications and front end pages with scalability. Angular js is an open source framework provided by Google and community. Angular accepts and extends HTML to serve best quality content via two way data binding.

Start with Angularjs and build your Application Smartly.

Few Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Your Next Front End Development Project:

• Developed by Google- Angular.js is built by Google. This certainly heaves a developer towards the benefit of having a framework built by the world’s most ingenious Google engineers. And indirectly this also leads to the point that developers can now learn about angular.js and get their query solved by skilled engineers.

• Familiar to Backbone or JavaScript MVC- If you are familiar with Backbone or JavaScript, you are just few steps away from building a relevant super flexible front end. Further, it doesn’t require any external plug in or framework to build web application. Employ Angular.js and that’s it!

• Dependency Injection and Binding Data- Employing the dependency injection software design pattern that helps the passage of service towards a client, Angular tie traditional server side services to client side web applications.

• REST actions- REST actions employed by Angular performs swiftly, and has become a standard for communicating from server side to client side. This indirectly helps a visitor of front end page to talk to the server and receive information needed, rapidly.

• Easy HTML Templates- AngularJS uses customized HTML templates containing tags and expressions. Thus if a developer is familiar to HTML languages such as XML then that’s all what he need to build a super quick front end using Angular.js

Carrying all such features, Angular.js has become one of the most popular and widely used frameworks for Front End Development.

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Hire Angular.js Developer or Hire remote Angular.js developer at Bacancy are quite ingenious with technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Polymer.js, Backbone.js and many more, required to build a relevant front end with expertise.

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