Entertain yourself by watching Deadpool from your couch, book your villa for your next vacation and share your software projects with others. These are the proven examples of what web applications; build on Ruby on Rails can do for you.

Ruby on Rails – or Rails – is written in Ruby, it’s a pure object-oriented programming language designed by Yukihiro Matsumoto to help programmers focus on the fun and artistic part of programming.

Rails as an open source software are not only free, but it encourages people to produce something even better. This is the reason with over 4200 code contributors; Ruby on Rails has secured the third position on HotFrameworks.

As the RoR fame rises, so does the number of cool projects done using Rails. From the popular sites to the open source project, let me introduce with six coolest Rails projects.



It’s the world’s biggest accommodation-sharing site

Airbnb fulfills the needs of cheap accommodation in any location you want to visit. Just like an eCommerce site you can set up the price range, select the date you are about to visit and complete quirks as well as instructions about the place.

What makes Airbnb unique is you are renting a local house instead of a hotel or guest house.

Rails have made it even easier for Airbnb to deal with a huge amount of daily transactions and that’s what has bought Airbnb to the company is today. Last year in 2015 Airbnb improved their large scale payment systems with Rails for the robust transaction integrity and for the very predictable failure behavior.



Hulu has been designed with a simple concept: let the Americans watch cable, as well as network TV, shows legally as well as free.

So, you might ask what makes Hulu different from the giant competitor, Netflix. Hulu gets its content faster than Netflix. And if you’re the type of person who wanted to update with latest television shows, Hulushould be your first choice. After the RailsConf 2012, Matthew Butt, ex-Hulu development manager, explained how the ideals of Rails influenced greatly their software development.

Because of Rails, Hulu has large and attractive library content and is easy to navigate on a variety of platforms.



Even if you are not a programmer, you might have sure about the Github. Before understanding about the Github, let me introduce with Github as the first version of a control system.

When software developers create an application, they make constant changes to the line of code and release new versions. The role of a version control system is to keep these changes and store them in a central repository. This way, developers can work together to make changes and upload the latest revision. Github is social networking for the programmers; it enables them to network with like-minded people.

Here is the list of Open Source Rails Project

Hackety Hack


Hackety Hack is an open source project designed to teach the basics of programming via its website http://hackety.com/

Along with learning Ruby programming language, its users can also learn more about how to make an easy program based on Ruby. To help beginners Hackety provides the stack for fun programs created by other Hackety users.

If you have a creative idea of a new lesson or want to improve your existing lesson, with the help of Github, you can create new lessons or update the existing one.


The Diaspora is a free personal web server that implements a distributed social networking service. Just like Facebook, the Diaspora does not save its huge data on central servers. Freedom, privacy and decentralization are the core three philosophy factors of this online social networking.

On Diaspora, you can be whoever you want without using your real identity. And above, in terms of security, it doesn’t own your data. You don’t have to sign over any rights to a corporation all you have to understand is your content is your business. Without using your real identity Diaspora let you speak freely and there won’t be anyone to let you down and shut you up. Diaspora let you create an identity without using a real one as well as it won’t even own your data. You are not required to sign over a corporation or any third party who could use it. All I want to say is your content is your business.

Spree Commerce


Spree is a flexible open source platform based on rails development

Spree claims itself as an eCommerce site and it is easily customizable, flexible and so easy to administer as well as stress-free to deploy. The backend of the Spree is also built upon the simplicity of the Spree that means the options are not overwhelming as well as clutter for a developer.

With so much simplicity in mind, it also makes it easier for spree commerce developers to keep your product updated and current. This influenced on the front end and thus it is also helpful to improve the customer’s experience on the site.


And the list will continue to flow when it comes to Pros of Ruby on Rails. The above-listed names are enough to understand the exact reason as why many entrepreneurs chose Ruby on Rails as a web application and why you should choose it too!

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