Bitcoin Exchange Platform Development With Mobile APP

Bitcoin Exchange Platform
Development With Mobile APP

We have hands-on experience in building completely accountable and infinitely scalable Bitcoin Exchange Platform based on Blockchain ledger

Build You Own Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically. It is world’s first peer to peer decentralized payment network. In the world of digital currency also referred as cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is leading at the top. The surge in the price and popularity of Bitcoin is paving way for the growing number of Bitcoin exchange software development.

It is less than a decade Bitcoin has introduced, still this cryptocurrency has taken the whole world by storm. Bitcoin is an innovative open source payment network that is responsible for large number of cryptocurrencies, also referred as Altcoins. All of these Altcoins are created from original Bitcoin source code and this is the reason they are addressed as Bitcoin Clones.

Bitcoin Exchange platform Development: Sail the high seas to success

While adhering to all the technological concerns, our team of skillful developers and cryptocurrency experts very well knows that a viable Bitcoin exchange platform requires advanced reporting, high-security standards and integration of various payment methods. We have excelled in building the kind of Bitcoin exchange platforms that your clientele would just love to use over and over again.

Right from the development of Bitcoin exchange platform to the execution of feature-rich Blockchain development, our support goes hand in hand with our clients. Our team of pioneer strategists and Bitcoin wallet app developers precisely understand every micro-detail of your project, thus overhaul all the transactions taking place over the network. We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in building feature rich decentralized apps based on Blockchain technology. We are pioneers in building high-quality Cryptocurrency Development services.

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Features: Users’ accommodations

To protect personal data and prevent cybercriminals from leveraging any financial gain, we make sure that the security checks are strictly regulated by law and the platform is protected by powerful tools:

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Auto denial of duplicate payments
  • Auto generation of new public key, for every new transaction
  • Optional session logout
  • Recurring billing & invoicing
  • Investment advice

Our Technical Expertise:

  • Bitcoin application design and development
  • Bitcoin application customization
  • Bitcoin integration
  • Bitcoin exchange platforms
  • Bitcoin Javascript development
  • Bitcoin based trading and finance apps
  • Blockchain Implementation
  • Coinbase API Implementation
  • RESTful API Implementation