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The widely used JavaScript open source library Created by Facebook and adopted by industry leaders like, Netflix, Instagram, Yahoo and Dropbox.


Redux is a FLUX pattern that provides a unidirectional data flow and act as a JavaScript container for the data.


Improve your user experience endeavors and enhance engagement by ES6, Webpack and Babel to leverage the advantages of bleeding edge technology.


Jasmine-react is a small suite of utilities and helper function that aims to solve unit testing ReactJS components painless.


Building isomorphic apps to improve the overall user experience, write well-formed modules, easier code maintenance and leverage the benefits of search engine indexable.


We follow agile scrum process and lean methodology to execute projects and respond to the changing needs in the Digital Economy.

React.js Development

We are a Company Providing React.js Development Services

We are a stable, self-sufficient, and all time growing web and mobile app Development Company providing web application, mobile application, and software development as well as solutions.

To this, being an IT company propels us to frequently switch to new web technologies and IT trends.

React.js, is what we find as the next level web technology to develop robust and scaling applications. An example of this is, certain components of Facebook, that are built using React.js.

React.js, indeed, is maintained by Facebook and Instragram, and also community of developers. https://facebook.github.io/react

When should one opt for React.js?

It doesn’t matter if you are a SME developing a large product or an enterprise looking forward to developing a small web based product, React.js best suits all the products aiming to scale and be robust.

Alongside, if you are looking forward to providing some ease to your developers, React.js can be the best option to choose from manifold JavaScript libraries out there.

React.js Development Services:

React can be used to create iterative and quick user interfaces. Carrying this, we have come up with

  • React.js User Interface Development and
  • React.js Frontend Development Services for all the business tycoons, SMEs, and upcoming startups.

We are more than happy to serve startups and entrepreneurs with amazing concepts and will power to succeed!

Why we are in love with React

React.js is very rapid technology and It has a very big community. We own lots of ready-to-use validate components to combine together with rapidly prototype ideas. React is actually very simple and once you will start understanding its key concepts such as property and state, you will be all set to start building. What we love about React is its smaller pieces of code as its easier to test, it’s easier to maintain and are re-usable.

Hire React.js Developer:

If you wish to hire a React.js developer having experience with AngularJS, AJAX, ANDROID, CSS, NODE.JS, RUBY ON RAILS, SASS, DOCKER, SQL & an advocate of Agile methodologies on hourly/weekly/monthly basis, you can. Simply put forward your requirement and let us know the option that best fits you.

Hire a dedicated React Developer


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We are inspired to create awesome UIs using key principles of agile

Get a full spectrum of ReactsJS and React Native development services to build large web applications that changes over time. Hire ReactJS developers to build client-centric front-end experiences to drive innovative business growth.

Bacancy Technology is one of the best React JS development company in USA and Canada.

$2800 Full Time – Monthly

8 hours a day & 21 working days in a month.

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No hiring commitments. Hire when you require.


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I was looking for an organization that would listen to my ideas, implement them and bring my desirable result to the table. But, Bacancy went above and beyond my expectations. I was really impressed with their professionalism and dedication to bring the project in on time and the budget was impressive as well. No worries, no headaches and no excuses at all.

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