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Let us not stretch words into tale and not exaggerate what we know about React.js.

We are a Company Providing React.js Development Services:

We are a stable, self-sufficient, and all time growing web and mobile app Development Company providing web application, mobile application, and software development as well as solutions.

To this, being an IT company propels us to frequently switch to new web technologies and IT trends.

React.js, is what we find as the next level web technology to develop robust and scaling applications. An example of this is, certain components of Facebook, that are built using React.js.

React.js, indeed, is maintained by Facebook and Instragram, and also community of developers.

When should one opt for React.js?

It doesn’t matter if you are a SME developing a large product or an enterprise looking forward to developing a small web based product, React.js best suits all the products aiming to scale and be robust.

Alongside, if you are looking forward to providing some ease to your developers, React.js can be the best option to choose from manifold JavaScript libraries out there.

React and Redux

React the state of the art web development JavaScript has taken the web app development community to a completely new level. React has shown has significant advantages and differences over its competing frameworks like AngularJS. Since the time we have adopted React as one of our JavaScript based technologies, we have established a position of a leading React app development company. We also have been early adopters as well as enthusiastic proponents of Redux, an aesthetic framework that can be combined with React to build a complete app development stack.

Bacancy Technology is an active React community and building client centric experiences to drive innovative business growth, leveraging React and Redux app development services. Our project portfolio is heavily tilted in favor of React/Redux development. We have already successfully implemented many React applications across mobile, desktop and tablet environments.

React.js Development Services:

React can be used to create iterative and quick user interfaces. Carrying this, we have come up with

  • React.js User Interface Development and
  • React.js Frontend Development Services for all the business tycoons, SMEs, and upcoming startups.

We are more than happy to serve startups and entrepreneurs with amazing concepts and will power to succeed!

Why we are in love with React

React.js is very rapid technology and It has a very big community. We own lots of ready-to-use validate components to combine together with rapidly prototype ideas. React is actually very simple and once you will start understanding its key concepts such as property and state, you will be all set to start building. What we love about React is its smaller pieces of code as its easier to test, it’s easier to maintain and are re-usable.

Hire React.js Developer:

If you wish to hire a React.js developer having experience with AngularJS, AJAX, ANDROID, CSS, NODE.JS, RUBY ON RAILS, SASS, DOCKER, SQL & an advocate of Agile methodologies on hourly/weekly/monthly basis, you can. Simply put forward your requirement and let us know the option that best fits you.

Benefits of Hiring from Us:

  • Risk free trial before hiring
  • Sign legal NDA to protect your intellectual property
  • Dedicated person working only for you
  • Budget friendly packages and hiring models
  • Communicate the way you need
  • Take a tour of our office
  • Talk to our previous clients if you need
  • We are present in Ireland and US too
  • Honest, clear, and transparent deals
  • And more…

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