Build Your Own Photo Editing And Sharing Camera Application Like Instagram

We build, easy-to- use iPhone and Android photo editor app that goes above and beyond the basic edits

Why settle for slightly boring and mundane pics when you can spruce them up and turn your boring picture into artwork with our feature rich custom photo editing and sharing application.

In the world of Facebook, everybody loves to click a photo. The photojunkies, DSLR maniacs, selfie lovers and people who love framing beautiful moments load their smartphone with a number of photo editing apps. Because, a totally fine social media post can ensure your near and dear ones that your life is so pristine and perfect. Following the latest trend and owing to the rise in demand for the photo sharing and editing apps, photo editing app development has become an in-thing for the social media essentials.

We Make Photo editing and sharing so easy with our Custom mobile application solution

Get in touch to build your own easy-to-use iPhone and Android photo editor app so, your app users photography never ever sees any over-edited or another boring moment.

A picture is worth a thousand words and with an easy creative control, your app users can literally turn phone photography into aesthetic perfect masterpieces! Our mobile application developers add life to a flat image, breathe some color into a monochromatic landscape to take your app users photography skills to the next level, because simply clicking a photo is not going to put things in place.

Increase your app user base with a Camera and Photo Editing App

Photo editing and sharing camera apps are in vogue and it seems the right place to invest in. Even the Google has come up with their own photo sharing camera app with inbuilt editing app features. If you are planning to go for photo sharing app development as a as a groundbreaking solution to enhance your app users photography performance, then you should definitely get in touch with us. Bacancy Technology is a one It stop solution partner of all your business needs.

Photo Editing and Sharing camera app key features

  • Lighting to adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows
  • Draw to doodle on your picture
  • Orientation to rotate images left to right or right to left
  • Crop to do a Custom crop
  • Enhance to fix the color of an image
  • Color to adjust Saturation, Warmth, Tint, and Fade
  • Text to get something to add
  • Blur to make something in the photo a little less visible
  • Sharpness to make a picture sharper or duller
  • Effect to add an impact of choices like Haas, Clyde Arizona, Avenue, Dean, Lucky, Boardwalk, Sentosa, Keylime, Sage, Metropolis, and Cruz
  • Red-eye removal features
  • Vignette to add cool blurry edges to a photo
  • Focus to make an area on the image stand out
  • Whiten the center of a picture
  • Blemish to simply tap the imperfection and watch it vanish
  • Overlays to circle, diamond and blocks to frame the image
  • Splash to add spots of color back into the image
  • Meme to enter the clever text, the Meme feature does the rest
  • Stickers in the pack of a lightning bolt, glasses, and exaggerated eyelashes

Bacancy Technology is state-of-the-art photo editing and sharing camera app development company. We own a pool of skillful experts, who have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the camera and photo editing application development. So, if you are planning to develop feature rich and most advanced custom photo editing application development, then you should definitely get in touch with us at



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I was looking for an organization that would listen to my ideas, implement them and bring my desirable result to the table. But, Bacancy went above and beyond my expectations. I was really impressed with their professionalism and dedication to bring the project in on time and the budget was impressive as well. No worries, no headaches and no excuses at all.



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