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Codenvy let’s developers contribute to a project in seconds without installing software. Codenvy is based on the open source Eclipse Che project.

Application development has evolved over the past 15 years, but most developer workspaces are still manually installed, configured and maintained. We believe that the biggest inhibitor to development productivity is this repeated developer workspace configuration.

So we wanted to create a platform that would remove the need for developers to configure workspaces ever again. This meant considering the automation and orchestration of developer actions, such as editing, building, running, debugging, and deployment as first-class citizens, not just workloads on a general-purpose VM.

Codenvy uses a meter-based pricing model for our SaaS offering that is simple and offers even free account holders a powerful and flexible experience. The paid model lets developers, teams and organizations pay for what they consume while unlocking Codenvy to be used without limits or constraints.


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