Clover Provides The Most Secure POS Software In Its Class


Running a small business has never ever been so easy, as business managers and their owners face numbers of challenges and each of the individual business demands its own customizable advanced capabilities than ever.

Cash or Credit?

It’s no longer a question that conveys numbers of options provided to customers. Nowadays businesses need to accommodate customers paying with credit, cash, EMV cards, debit, Smart phones, gift cards and many more. The boom in technology has created groundbreaking opportunities for marketing, connectivity as well as analytics and have placed all the burden of legwork businesses. For the brick-and-mortar stores, its challenge to survive as they need to compete with the online options, near-endless applications and many more, so for them giving a top-notch customer experience is more significant than ever.

There is like no standard size that fits all the solutions and other challenges; however, having the right tool can make entrepreneurial experience a lot less painless. Being a business owner, you have landed on this page in search of a solution to make your life quite easier, than the Clover POS system is simple as well as a budget friendly tool that offer you more benefits than you might expect.

Clover: A perfect Solution for small business needs

Clover is a one stop shop affordable POS solution, scaled to fulfill the actual needs, without paying extra for what they don’t need. Based on the growth of business, merchants can customize their system with countless downloadable apps to add efficiency to their growing business needs.

Clover is most suitable for…

Breweries, wine shops, Coffee Roaster, QSRs, Boutiques, Music Stores, Vape Shops, and much more!

Clover Station

The Clover Station is a POS (Point Of Sale) system created by First Data using an Android Tablet. The hardware bundle equipped with terminal, touch screen, printer and cash drawer. You can add a kitchen printer and multiple stations to fulfill your specific business needs.

Clover comes preloaded with your menu items and standard apps, so you can get started your Clover system right away without the tedious task of programming. Clover allows you to take orders, accept cash, credit and debit, as well as EMV and Apple Pay, streamline accounting, track inventory, manage employees, and more. And the advantageous thing about Clover is that it’s Cloud based. To know more about just go through the below link.

Clover Mobile

Clover mobile is POS system for the table service or for home deliveries. This system has been specially designed to follow your customers and a sensible solution for your mobile needs.

Ergonomically Clover Mobile includes bar code scanner, durable built-in case and pin pad with the ability to accept EMV, debit and credit, magistrate and Apple Pay transactions.

Clover Mini

Clover mini is a payment terminal with an ability to accept credit, debit, EMV and contactless transactions such as Apple Pay and it comes equipped with a built-in pin pad, front facing bar code and receipt printer, simply add a register cash to upgrade POS with a simple download and when you are all set to transition to the next level.

Secure Payment Acceptance Methods

Clover has been backed by the world’s leading payment processor with more than 6 million merchants.

Protect Your Data

Clover is very much obsessive about your customers and their security. End-to-end encrypting card reader, mutually authenticated SSL, Data tokenization, locked-down operating system are some powerful technologies built into clover.

PCI Compliant

Considering the security, you need to make sure that your POS system adheres latest security standards. The clover station is completely PCI compliant, so you are no more required to worry about the fines for noncompliance.

Sensitive Information Stays On Your Side Of The Counter

You let your customers sign for their purchase is pretty cool, but unintentional access to other sales, employees and customer is not so cool.Clover’s proprietary pivot arm also known as “customer-facing view” is the display for signature. Where it restricts the customers to and access, and yes, it also keeps your sensitive data safe.

Evolving Security

Clover’s measures and methods are continually being updated in order to deal with potential risks. In case of security issue, Clover also provides ongoing support at and it provides the most secure POS software in its class.

Wrapping Up

If the above given information has convinced you to opt for the Clover station, then let’s get in touch at In order to fulfill your specific requirements for the customization Clover Station, hire clover app developers from Bacancy Technology. We are a team of skillful developers and you can hire us as your one Clover solution. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

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